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Wally Warbles in "Wally is Back"

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Descripción del juego:

You want to show that you can dodge and destroy different bosses who will not hesitate to destroy you !!! In this game Cuphead: Wally Warbles you will face the Dangerous boss of the CupHead Saga have fun. This new Cuphead: Wally Warbles game is about fighting with other enemies on your ship and shooting and dodging that inspired by the exciting CupHead games and created by its most loyal fans. Take part in a challenging battle with Wally Warbles, a giant bird boss with a very bad temper who tries to annihilate you by throwing eggs and shooting non-stop. Get ready to enjoy a long and complex journey in which to put your reflexes and your skills as a warrior to the test. Play this fun game only on y8.com

Categoría: Disparos
Añadido 21 Oct 2020