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Speed Cat
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Descripción del juego:

Logical multilevel game. Fight against fire, save your territory.


You are the fire chief of the warehouse.
You sit in front of the monitor and lead the process of extinguishing the fire.
On the monitor- plan of the warehouse. It shows pockets of fire (with each new level of the game there will be more).
o fight fire you can use Water packs and Water bombs. Water pack covers one square on the plan. It can only be used for empty (unoccupied) squares or the squares, which just happened to be the ignition.
Water bomb covers 9 squares.
In one move, you can use any number of Water pack, available you have in stock, and only one Water bomb.
Fight against spreading of fire , save your territory and become a winner.

Category: Razonamiento
Añadido 30 Mar 2016