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Juke City

Reproducido 6,292 veces
Descripción del juego:

Welcome to the Juke City! Humans must survive as countdown begins. Grab the stars scattered somewhere in the map. When the game begins, players must buy items and find hiding places to prepare against the zombies. With 10 seconds left before the apocalypse begins, some players will get sick and aim to spread the contamination all over the map. Weapons are useful for keeping zombies away from survivors, while other items have special effects or can help you to move and push objects around the city. To win this game, both zombies and survivors will have to work as a team. The zombies must form large hordes to invade the rooms and infect the survivors. Humans must lock the doors with the furniture and prevent zombies from entering.

Categoría: Acción y Aventura
Añadido 01 Apr 2022