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12 MiniBattles

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Descripción del juego:

12 MiniBattles is pixel graphics game which has multiples games to play. Your have varieties of games to select like that you can play at random including a foot ball, shooting, viking, timber cutting game. You can select any of the multiple games from soccer, shooting, timbercut , tennis , pong, racing, boat and more which are available. Multiple game have different techniques. In soccer physics you have to make a goal against your opponents who is moving against you, in shooting game , you have to snipe and shoot the opponent and kill them. In timber game you have to cut the wood, like this there are unmatched games to play. Play all the mutliple game which are selected randomly and win them all. Enter to our y8 and Play all the games and spend hours getting the better of your friends. Have fun and win every game!

Features :
A 2-player fun game
Multiple games to select with physics and fun.
Easy and addicting to play.

Categoría: Deportes
Añadido 02 Sep 2020