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Charlie Chaplin "Triple Trouble"

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Descripción del vídeo:

Charlie is arranged as a janitor in the house of Colonel Nobody succeeds at work too, soon throwing garbage at home than removing it. Colonel is the inventor of a new type of explosives, and a group of foreign diplomats want to get it. However, Nutt does not want to give them the treasured formula, and they decide to take her by force, employing for this purpose the thief. One of the cops accidentally overhears this conversation and Colonel House was soon filled with "kistounovskie police."

At the end of the day, Charlie goes to the rooming house where forced calming singing drunk and faces pickpocket. After Charlie robs a cheater in a flophouse carnage begins. Having escaped from there, cleaner meets diplomats hired a thief who turns his old friend and convinces Charlie to help him. Arriving at the house of Colonel, they find police officers. It begins traditional turmoil, which leads eventually to an explosion of Colonel invention.

Añadido 29 May 2016