Acomódate en el asiento del conductor y prepárate para quemar goma con esta divertida selección de juegos de coches y carreras sólo en Y8. Desbloquea logros y compite por conseguir las mejores puntuaciones usando tus habilidades de conductor. Compite contra tus amigos en juegos de coche multijugador.
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Car Games

Ever since the car replaced the horse, gear heads have been modifying and driving their cars as both hobby and sport. In many cities, cars have become an essential tool to survival. Due to the growth of car production worldwide, car games that simulate the many joys of driving have also become popular. The car subgenre has many different game styles to play.

In some games, you want to drift your car’s tires for as long as possible atop windy streets. In others, the goal is park a car without completely destroying it. In delivery car games, the goal is to deliver an object without crashing or losing the object. There are even some car dress up like games where the point is to build the most respectable looking ride. Yet another type of car game is the stunt car type of game, where the purpose is to pull off the most extreme maneuvers. Lastly, there are plenty of the classic time trial racing games that do involve the car vehicle specifically.