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Sugar High Daun

Reproducido 1,402 veces
Descripción del juego:

Sugar High Daun is a little hybrid of top-down action adventure à la Zelda and Breakout. Daun can fire up to five sugar balls at once which will deflect upon impact to a wall or destructible blocks, or damage an enemy and disappear. But this costs her sugar if she attempts to fire more balls than her current level: e.g. at level 2, she can shoot two with no extra cost, but the third shot will cost her extra sugar. Her blood sugar level depletes over time, so the player will need to actively search out for the demon's minions to stay afloat. Defeated enemies will leave various dessert items and this will replenish her sugar. Daun does not get experience from defeating enemies. There are four macaron items in the dungeon that will increase her level by 1. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Categoría: Arcade y Clásicos
Añadido 21 Jan 2022