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Descripción del juego:

Slimeblast is a retro arcade platformer with a focus on score and experimentation. Beat the slimes in the platform by shooting them. Other than green slimes are stronger slimes that need to be shot more than once. You can choose if you want to use checkpoints or blast slimes, but all of it is optional. In fact, you can beat the game by just running until you find the exit! Checkpoints can be unlocked by using 20 crystals. Crystals can be obtained by blasting slimes, and the amount of crystals obtained depends on the type of slime. There are three types:Green - 1 crystal, Yellow - 2 crystals, Red - 5 crystals. At the end of the game, the screen will display the amount of slimes blasted, crystals obtained and energy lost. Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Añadido 28 Jun 2022