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Roxie's Kitchen: Ratatouille

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Descripción del juego:

Our favorite Roxie is back with another yummy recipe called Roxie's Kitchen: Ratatouille. For her viewers and fans, she wants to show how to cook ratatouille. So let us join her and help her to collect the items and prepare well to cook the ratatouille. So first let us collect the veggies mainly bell pepper and roast them directly on the fire and mix them with other ingredients and make the perfect sausage. Chop all the veggies and marnish on the beautiful serving plates and make the ratatouille look perfect and yummy. Finally do not forget to dress our little roxie with the latest dresses and make her video hit. Play more games only on y8.com

Categoría: Juegos para Niñas
Desarrollador: Y8 Studio
Añadido 08 Jan 2024
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