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Princess Cyberpunk 2200

Reproducido 28,995 veces
Descripción del juego:

Princess Cyberpunk 2200 features a dress up game for modern tech advanced girls of the future. Technology is advancing rapidly and the future is coming today. Can you imagine what will our world be like in just a few decades? What clothes will women of the future wear? Let's dive into the world of the near future of the Earth where it features artificial intelligence, combat suits and rock neon styles. Clothing of this era should combine comfort, practicality and support the integration of technology. You won't surprise anyone with bright multi-colored hair, the hairstyle is part of the image of a cyberpunk-princesses. Don't forget about bright luminous makeup. Dive into the world of cyberpunk with the modern princesses and enjoy playing it here at Y8.com!

Categoría: Para Chicas
Añadido 20 Sep 2020