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Poor Eddie

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Un juego NFT soportado por Y8.com
Descripción del juego:

Eddie, the poor man, is always made to deal with the most difficult circumstances. Eddie's life is filled with nonstop action, from being propelled through the air by a trampoline and kicked in the air to being propelled through the air by a bomb and thrown over big wells. The player assumes control of Eddie himself in Poor Eddie, and the objective of the game is to guide Eddie through each level while figuring out how to reach the end of the level. There are a lot of challenges in the game, such as peaks and TnT, but there are also a lot of things that can aid you, such as lifts or lifts that can carry you where you need to go! Are you able to look after Eddie and get him to the place he needs to be? Help Eddie out by clicking on various buttons with your mouse. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Categoría: Divertidos y Locos
Añadido 30 Aug 2023