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Descripción del juego:

Invader Zim: The Doom is back where Zim and Gir, his robot are once more trying to take over the Earth, and you help them in that goal by taking on one mission after another! When you are acting as Gir the robot make sure to remember that your energy is limited and if you run out you can no longer advance so you will need to switch to Zim on time. Maybe Zim needed your help to finally take over the globe so give it to him in this game and see how much of a fun time you can be having! Attack enemies that you encounter but make sure not to let them touch you, avoid traps and obstacles and use the switches to open doors or other machinery that help you advance. Enjoy this fun Zim and Gir adventure game here at Y8.com!

Añadido 07 Oct 2020
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