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Happy Jump

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Descripción del juego:

"Happy Jump" is an endlessly entertaining and vibrant game that will have you bouncing with joy! Take control of a cheerful chicken equipped with springy feet, and embark on a thrilling jumping adventure. Your mission is to skillfully guide the bouncy chicken from one platform to another, ensuring a safe landing each time.

Watch out for the numbered circles moving on the platforms – landing on them not only ensures a secure stop but also boosts your score! The challenge intensifies as you aim for higher numbers while navigating through a whimsical, ever-changing landscape.

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, "Happy Jump" promises hours of endless fun as you strive to set new high scores and explore the infinite heights of this vibrant, never-ending jumping game. Get ready to experience the pure delight of bouncing through the skies with our feathered friend in "Happy Jump"!

Categoría: Juegos de Habilidad
Añadido 13 Dec 2023