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Well dear kids if you love Halloween and, of course, if you love cooking, this Halloween Grand Fest is the game for you to check out because, if you do check it out and press play, you are going to see that you actually get to cook a lot of delicious meals in this new game which we have here.
So come kids and try out this new Halloween Grand Fest because, even though you may not meat the characters here in this game, you are going to see that this is actually one in which you need to cook a delicious meal for the characters who are going to celebrate Halloween together. Because Halloween, in this new challenge we have for you, is not just about the candy and the trick or treating, this time it is also about the meal.
So from the first moment you try out the game you are going to see that what you get to cook here is of course pumpkin soup, biscuits and chocolate chips and these all sound delicious and amazing and you will get the recipe for them, of course . Your mission is not going to be a difficult one because in fact you just need to follow the instructions.

Each time you choose one of these recipes and you start the cooking process, you will see that all you actually get to do is use the utensils you have and the ingredients which are already prepared for you and of course prepare the meals. You of course need to pay attention to the recipe, after all this is a very important holiday for many people and it is of course important for the characters who want to have these delicious recipes on their dinner table.

Added on 10 Oct 2020
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