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Dunk Vs 2020

Reproducido 13,339 veces
Descripción del juego:

Dunk Vs a fun basket ball game. Hello guys are you ready to shoot some balls into the unstable basket? Grab a ball and start dunking! This type of game is pretty interesting, rules are simple, just hop the ball into the basket which can appear any part of the screen. Use your reflexes to shoot the hoops. Hop the ball into the basket as many times as you can, to achieve high scores, and don't forget to unlock new balls. become the next basketball star! You can challenge your friends in this dunking game with your high scores. Do not miss the basket, aim, and throw the ball which has to get to the basket on a shot. Play lot more basketball games on y8.com

Categoría: Deportes
Añadido 07 Sep 2020