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Archer vs Archer

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Descripción del juego:

Use skill and accuracy to shoot enemy archers or play against your friends. Three exciting game modes, Running Archer single-player Mountain Archer single-player Archer vs Archer two-player. Archer vs Archer game is not very hard to play but as time goes you will be very professional. You control the player by moving your mouse to direct where it will shoot, as well as the strength by which it will fire. Hold and drag to set the exact power and correct angle to reach the enemies. Be quick and kill the enemies before they kill you. In this running game, the important step is to stop where it is needed. Watch the arrows headed towards you. If they are coming towards you stop, aim, and kill the enemies. Play this fun game and lot more other games only on y8.com.

Categoría: Acción y Aventura
Añadido 26 Nov 2020