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Adventures of Ignatius

Agregado el 03 jul 2019 1,180 play times
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Game details

Ignatius is a turtle like all the others: he lives in the ocean and likes to eat jellyfish. He usually swims around the same neighborhood to feed himself, knowing that the river that flows into the ocean brings good news. One day, however, a truck carrying plastic products passes a bridge and ends up overturning, letting all items fall into the river and taking them directly to the sea. With the polluted, plastered ocean, Ignatius needs to find a way to survive and feed himself, so when Ignatius sees plastic bags approaching, Ignatius must flee in search of a well-known turtle paradise. The problem is that swimming so fast thus consumes a lot of energy, and the plastic bags are the same as the jellyfish, Ignatius favorite food to replenish the energies.

Added on 03 Jul 2019
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