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This video was produced by V3 Media Marketing in Colorado. The goal of this corporate video was to document the 2015 Young Entrepreneur Tournament sponsored by Andrew Minor of The Larimer County Workforce Center, Blue Ocean Enterprises, Otter Cares and the Colorado Department of Labor. This is a condensed social spot to leverage the power of video in social media marketing. V3 Media specializes in creating the perfect video product for any need as well as making sure the video product is leveraged across web, social, content management and all relevant distribution platforms.

V3 Media Marketing in Colorado is a full-service, award-winning video production and marketing company based out of Fort Collins with over 10 years of industry experience and clients nationwide. We are video production and marketing professionals that approach each project with a customized, personalized touch.
We specialize in helping companies promote their brands, products and services with modern marketing techniques that leverage the power of video across a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and beyond.
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Serving the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Technology, Hospitality industries throughout Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and nationally.

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Añadido 04 May 2017