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Drink coffee like the Italians with a Moka Pot. We discovered this gem of a coffee percolating vessel on a trip to Italy and it's our favorite way to start the morning off right or top off a delightful evening with friends. Penny for penny this coffee maker is a great deal for boutique coffee shop quality brewing.
- M O R E - I N F O - A B O U T - T H E - L I F E - H A C K E R S -
Hi there! We’re Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado from Portland, Oregon. Mining our lives for quick-fixes, interesting solutions and enjoyable diversions is one of our pastimes - under the umbrella of LifeHack INC. Video blogs are our modus operandi but we often throw in a written blog too. So mosey on over to our official website to see more LifeHack INC offerings. From technology to kitchen hacks we’ve got ways to make your daily life definitely more delightful.
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Añadido 25 Mar 2017