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Descripción del vídeo:

The biggest shift that happened in those past years is not the role of the CIO. CIO used to be and still are doing a great job at keeping the thing running, so uptime would be very important for them, and they assure that the production tools are there and available, and most companies have guys doing a great job at that. I think the demand now is more like, what can technology enable in terms of revenue. If we were to adopt that technology, are there limitations into our business that technology could solve and then suddenly we could do something completely different? And so I think the expectation is that technology should come and support and maybe proactively bring value to the enterprise, where it used to be a kind of like a call centre, where you would just make sure that everything was operating. Right now this is seen as like if you're really good and you do a great job, then you can bring new ideas and then you can create new revenue lines, for examples, or you could just extend way beyond what is available. If you are into the marketing department of a company and you're doing, I don't know, specific offerings to customers, you have to compute different things. If suddenly your CIO comes in and brings you way new ways to do that, way more capabilities to do that, that can translate into the bottom line and that is like a big shift.

Añadido 02 May 2017