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Hey! It's the official music video! Super proud of how this came out. We all had a great time making it, so hopefully that shows and you enjoy it as much as we do.

Directed & Edited by Zak Stoltz
Producer: Sydney Buchan
Co-Producer: Jared Shelton
Director of Photography: Kevin Hayden
Production Designer: Kevin Brouder
Assistant Camera: Kingkan Siripiriyakul (Meng)
Chef / Gaffer: Chananun Chotrungroj (Ja Eh)
Stylist / Wardrobe: Andrew Santora
Band Manager: Adam Kaye
Visual Effects: Zak Stoltz
Executive Producer: Stephen Buchanan
Production Company: More Media
Static Jacks - As Themselves
Kelly - Maria Tolbert
Ken - Merritt Reid
The Girls - Jessica Harris, Melanie Jackson, Aidan Noell Swanson, Lindsay Tishberg
Bike Kids - Neil Fitzpatrick & Danny Markowski
Movie Theater Kid - Sam Goldfine
Thank you to the Devaneys & their house, the Kayes & their house, the Harris' & their house, Robert Clachi & the Echo Lake Pedal Boat House, Chris Cotty & 8 On The Break Arcade, Jeff Brink, and Isaac Ravishankara.
Shot in and around Westfield, NJ on the Canon C300.

Category: Videos Musicales
Añadido 10 May 2017