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Star Wars Lego Movie - The Empire Strikes Back
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Star Wars Lego Movie - The Empire Strikes Back

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Descripción del vídeo:

We hope you enjoy Star Wars episode V The Empire Strikes Back, shot in its entirety in Lego, or as we call it Lego-Vision.
What started as a way to fill a rainy day while on holiday in Cornwall with the question: "Dad can we make a Lego film of the Empire Strikes Back today", was followed by a six-month odyssey in which entire weekends and half-term holidays, (January-July 2011) were filled with the feverish construction of countless Lego sets and hundreds of shots.
If you watch past the first few minutes and onto Part 2 you'll see the quality of the sets improve dramatically. We thought about re-shooting the beginning, but decide not to as we like it as it is -- so the Cornish living room background stays.
We also opted not to do stop-motion, mainly because that's not how we started and also because filming fixed scenes is much more fun!
All done in homage to George Lucas and Lego of course -- all hail! You made one little boy and a slightly bigger one very happy!

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