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Descripción del vídeo:

I read an article recently that says that science is now giving us much greater art than the art world. How could a painting ever compete with the images from the Hubble space telescope. And I don't know if I disagreed with that article. I think that the art world more than anything now should be taking the rich source material that science is giving it and that they should use that as the ingredients for their art. And whether that be electron microscope images of atoms and showing the patterns of atoms and showing maybe how the scans that we're doing of the brain that are showing the connection between neurons and the brain and drawing up these elaborate-, blowing up these pictures where they show that the neurons and the brain look exactly like computer models of the Internet or how they look just like the dark matter in the universe and showing the patterns that connect. And I think showing the artistry and the beauty behind technology and behind nature I think is a new art form, because I think that even in my talk on big data I was saying: The more we can measure, the more we can quantify, the more we can take pictures of, the more we can understand with our science, the more we can then visualize and illustrate and it becomes art.

Añadido 08 May 2017