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Scheer: One decision to make

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Everyone should recognize that practically speaking we have only one position, for physical reasons. I call it the 'techno-logic' and the 'socio-logic' of an energy source. We have only the decision on the energy source. After this decision and as long as this decision is kept, the energy source decides indirectly, like a dictator, what we have to do to make it available. Along the whole energy flow, from the place of mining or extraction or taking the energy, up to the consumers, the energy source with its flow decides practically everything. It decides whether the energy is far away or not. Do we have to import it or is it an indigenous energy? And if it is indigenous, for how long? What are the reserves? Is it forever, which is only possible with renewable energies, or not, is it only for some time? Or is it finished? Because many conventional energy sources have been exploited for decades. It decides whether we need mining technologies or extraction technologies or not. It decides whether we need contracts with other governments from where the energy comes or not. It decides whether there is a primary energy economy or not. Because only oil, gas, coal and uranium are conventional energy sources. Wind, solar radiation or solar heat are not. That means it's impossible to shift from being a seller, a supplier, of oil, natural gas, uranium or coal to becoming a supplier of wind or solar radiation. That's impossible. It's a common ownership. Nobody can buy a license on the wind. Nobody can ask for a patent for solar radiation. That's impossible. It decides whether we need transportation for the fuels or not. That means a whole infrastructure for transportation, sometimes around half of the globe. It decides which kind of energy conversion technology we need. It decides what kind of power stations are optimal. It decides which kind of distribution we need. It decides which kind of structure of company is able to organize it.

Categoría: Tecnología
Añadido 08 May 2017