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Pugnacious Motorsports

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I hadn't seen my friend Steve race his BMW at Loudon in 10 years. Since then we've both grown tremendously in our careers and personal lives. I have so much respect for Steve as an individual with what he's accomplished as an inspiration, a mentor and race car driver. As I watched him put his BMW though its paces I was reminded of his ferocious battle with cancer and his commitment to survive - and it occurred to me that he drives his car with the same unrelenting passion to win.

Shot with a Go Pro, Contour, Sony NXCam, Canon 5D mark II, Canon 7D and Kessler Pocket Dolly. I needed 5 cameras to capture this day and as I look at the video I'm reminded why I love to shoot. (One-man crew.)

Categoría: Deportes
Añadido 11 Jan 2017