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Descripción del vídeo:

0:01 - Responsible for the Orc rigging and wings for the girl.
00:07 - Eye rigging.
00:11 - Character Rig.
00:12 - Transformation rigs and animation for the shoes to different symbols.
00:15 - Character Rigging.
00:22 - Character & Vehicle Rigging (Dog done by another rigger)
00:28 - Vehicle Rigging.
00:29 - Character Rigging.
00:33 - Character Rigging & Animation.
00:37 - Rigging of the butterfly and other insects for the commercial. Also responsible for setting up the secondary animations of the plants. The water-droplet was also my responsibility so I did the setup & animation for that and the reacting plant.
00:42 - Character Rigging & Animation for an unreleased spot.
00:45 - Rigged the android robots and plenty of the accessories they interacted with.
00:53 - Rigged and animated this character with some dynamic setups for cloth and tentacles.
0:56 - Character Rigging for these two characters together with Tyrel Scott.
1:00 - Worked on body deformations on Hela, Valkyrie and Fenris.
1:07 - Robot hand Rigging and match-moving to existing footage.
1:09 - Character Rigging together with Tyrel Scott.
1:16 - Character Rigging.

Added on 18 Jul 2019
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