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Descripción del vídeo:

Jelgava City has released a new presentation video „Jelgava -- city for develpment! Winter" with an electronic music background „Satiksimies Jelgavā Winter Mix" created specially for this video by using the melody of the city song.
The three minute long video „Jelgava -- city for development! Winter" depicts winter in Jelgava -- everyday life, celebration and never before seen panoramic scenes. The video is shot in time-lapse technique by using new technological solutions to achieve extra smooth motion.
An electronic music piece„Satiksimies Jelgavā Winter Mix" was created specially for this video by Jelgava's own Jānis Jēkabsons who is also known by the name Uppfade in the dance end electronic music scene. Inspired by the melody of the city song of Jelgava „Satiksimies Jelgavā, the rhythm and composition of the musical piece was shaped to create the special mood of winter in Jelgava and tell the story of the always lively Jelgava from one sunset to another. The mp3 file of „Satiksimies Jelgavā Winter Mix" can be downloaded at jelgava.lv.
„This video tells the story of endless life that pulsates through Jelgava also in winter only in a different rhythm and mood. The white winter brings different beauty in the city but life doesn't stop after dark -- exactly the opposite! This time Uppfade was part of making the video who created a special chillout remix of the city song" comments author of the video Artūrs Dombrovskis, who also created the summer season presentation video for Jelgava.

Added on 19 Sep 2017
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