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If I Need A New Attorney Website Design?

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Hi, I'm Shannon Montoya, Director of Account Services here at Page 1 Solutions. Our clients frequently ask us questions relating to online marketing that tend to cover a variety of topics. Today, I'm going to address how to determine if I need a new attorney website design. With how frequently online marketing and technology changes, if your site is more than three years old, you very likely need to consider a new design. What we look at with our legal clients is how the site is performing in general. We look at your competitors website design, first impressions do matter. You have about twenty seconds to grab their attention and get them connected with you. If your site is outdated, they will assume that your practice is as well. Do you have any engaging elements like video, chat, a mini contact form, or frequently updated content? If not, you may be losing potential clients to your competitors who do. Does your site work well on a mobile device or tablet? Many of our legal clients have more than 25% of their traffic coming from a device other than a desktop computer. If your site isn't adjusting to provide the user with the most important information like a phone number or directions, they will likely move on to someone else. We utilize Google Analytics to help us to determine how users are interacting with the site. Assessing traffic and pages viewed, along with bounce rates and conversions. If we are seeing that there is a lot of traffic coming to the site and they are not engaging or leading to conversions, it is time to assess the design and organization. If you are a personal injury lawyer and you have questions about website marketing or design, I encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call. We answer questions from lawyers all of the time and would be happy to answer your questions too! This legal website design question was brought to you by Page 1 Solutions. This is Shannon Montoya, thank you for watching, have a great day!

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Añadido 10 May 2017