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This is my "how to" that we set up with the kids. They were so excited to make it (and also to eat the muffins in the end ;)). My son is doing the voice over, in English as you are all English speakers here and because he really likes it and so proud to do it despite the little French (and American?) accent which I thought was really cute, I'm glad to have it as a memory ;) Only downside to this project was my total stupidness with photoshop, I tried to do some transparents overlay but they ended up black and I had to change the opacity which means you can't see them as bright as it should be... And I tried to change it in photoshop but it didn't work so I left it like that in the end... Kids super happy with the result so that's something :)
Music: Mindy Gledhill "I do adore"

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