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Descripción del vídeo:

Spring/Summer 2014 season - Homo Consommatus points out the problem provoked by the process of globalization – human addiction to social networks1 as Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and etc. Nowadays art and fashion reflect this phenomena precisely - runway show photos are becoming public before being presented by media.
Globalized world is an interesting place for cultural producers to work. New media represents a constantly shifting frontier for experimentation and exploration.
One of the dominant aesthetics in contemporary art of mid 1990s (in the broad sense, rather than focusing on individual academism of trends and styles) was the so-called digital art. This aesthetic has identified a number of cultural phenomena and, in particular, the modern look of the mass culture.
Post-Digital Aesthetics is the result of immersion to the environment, filled with digital technology: noise of computer fans and laser printers, unexpected screen glitches4 . Precise, it originated from the error and defects of digital technology, clicks, bugs and program errors which became the source material for artists.
''Failure (error) determines the evolution, perfection does not require any improvement''. - Colson Whitehead
The idea of ''GLITCH' became a core for Homo Consommatus S/S 2014 collection and was presented in both technical and philosophical aspects: the invention of new textile as unexpected mixing of textures, artisanal embroidery, hot press gluing, hand stitching and an interpretation of those as symbolic intertwined social wires holding humans hostages and depriving them from inner freedom and individuality.

Added on 24 Apr 2017
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