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Forever Young

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Descripción del vídeo:

This was a film that really touched home. Forever Young was used for my final film at Frank Sinatra School of The Arts. It tells the story on how a group of kids from Queens, New York experience the murder of one of their friends Nick Cordova. It shows how something so negative can have such a positive effect on people. It made me stop and think "what am I doing with my life? do i want to be just another kid that goes to school gets a 9 to 5 job and live my life? or do i want to make a difference and spread my experiences with the world?"

special thanks to the Scudiero family without them this could not have been possible. R.I.P Nick Cordova Always in my heart and on my mind i told you I was gonna make this for you and that day has come.
shot with Cannon 7D

Categoría: Niños
Añadido 06 Jan 2017