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enabling the adoption of new technologies

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The "American Idol" example is fantastic, because "American Idol", the first time it was run 7.5 million people texted in, which is interesting, because it was the largest single mobile texting event in the world, and even more interesting, because America at that point had a very low mobile phone penetration.But the interesting thing that got me very excited was that 30 per cent of those people had never sent in a text message before, and I think that is really interesting, because “American Idol" was creating the context for people to want to change that behaviour around technology.Now I would say, as a brand strategist, or advising as a consultant to another mobile telecoms operator, or even in fact a mobile phone manufacturer, who are producing more and more complex technology: You are the ones that should have done "American Idol", you are the ones that should have created the format, because I believe that you never tell anyone that you are going to educate them. You tell them you are going to give them a really good time, you entertain them, and that can be done in all sorts of really interesting ways.

Categoría: Tecnología
Añadido 06 May 2017