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Descripción del vídeo:

Get amazed by the wild nature of Corvin County !
This is not just any race - this is XCM HUNEDOARA !
You shall be racing trough history, trough time, where many heroes have lost they're blood in battle and beautiful damsels lost they're hearts (which they still do today ... but mostly after knights with more than 5zero's in bank account).
The stage is set, the party awaits you - racer, sponsor, viewer, bum - whoever you are a good time awaits you in 30 June 2012.
Come one, come all- and you shall have:
-3 race tracks : 30 / 65 / 95km for all age divisions, gender, and skills
-many pit-stop water&energy points on the route
-courses filled with adrenaline and superb memories ( just if you dare)
-free camping
-prizes of over 15.000 Euro in products & cash
-free meal & drinks for the enlisted racers
-a castle yard with sponsors, tents, bike goodies to buy & admire
-National media coverage by any means: Net, Print, or Radio-Tv
..and this sweet crazy race could not finish with anything else than a big After-Party ! - with live DJ's, booming surround system speakers, smoke & laser show ... and all that your heart desires.
Come one - come all.
This is not any race;
Proudly powered by DHS Bike Parts (DHS group) and it's many sponsors.

Added on 28 Jan 2017
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