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Descripción del vídeo:

Director: Richard F. Coelho
Production: Richard F. Coelho, David Pessoa
Actors: Catarina Bártolo, David Pessoa, Richard "the hand" Coelho
Wardrobe: Richard F. Coelho, Catarina Bártolo
Editor: Sérgio Pedro
Post Production: Ingreme Post Production
Richard F. Coelho would like to thank: Patricia Tavares for all the help and support (and clothing! Sorry for the mess!), Mrs. Benvinda and Mr. Acácio for their hospitality, Felipe Freitas for letting us invade his home and bed, Pedrada Tattoo, Luis "Massarro" Martins and Cristina Pedrada for making us feel at home, Sérgio Pedro for the dedication and effort on the tight timing, Ricardo Portela for the friendship and resources, Celso Leite for a top execution, Skydive Europe and Quedalivre.pt, Mário Pardo and João Lopes for the dedication, Claudia Costa for the "machine" and place for grading, Adventure Park, the people at Cascais Market for being so nice and fun, David Pessoa for driving us all around Portugal and for trusting me and my vision, and Catarina Bártolo for all her effortless dedication and professionalism, for nights without sleep and "defining kits", for the cold days switching clothes in the car, and for trusting my vision and doing whatever crazy thing I asked for without questioning me one time.

Added on 30 Jan 2017
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