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Descripción del vídeo:

The video is structured in a video game pattern; it begins with a title screen and goes into select game options. It begins with a multiplayer battle, and then it goes into a special mission that contains the war in Iraq from the beginning to actuality, which is divided into five sections of years (2003,05,07,09 and 13). Each section contains different footage from a mission campaign taken from Modern Warfare and the audio taken from news broadcasted during those years. Through the video one can see the transition of the war without losing its game-like structure since you can see the player die or make a pause during the game, as well as level up in ranks.
I believe that many interpretations can be drawn, but my intention is to make the user reflect on how we might have forgotten of the war in Iraq to the point that games such as COD: Modern Warfare are depict similar scenes. Also, the way in which the identity of Middle East countries and their people is lost since the name of the locations for each map are shown as ‘UNNAMED’.
Finally I want to give the user a feeling of the juxtaposition of reality vs virtual world, how we could relate the events that are happening on the game to what is really going on out there.

Añadido 08 Jan 2017