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Roupe was a simple unremarkable doll except a little bit arrogant and narcissistic. She like all the other toys gave great joy to child who played with her. She is relaxed in company of other toys until one night unpleasant incident happened.

She was dropped from toy box and catch on sticking pin with her left arm. Pin ripped up cloth forming She and threads left to protrude from her arm increasing the probability of further clothes rip.
She left alone at the dark night, wounded in a pile of pins. While she thought how to return to other toys, she noticed something. It was similar to the things, about which old cracked toys told. It was something she did not want to believe: Monster of nightmares came for the child to enjoy his dreams and gave him horror of dark dreams.
As she appeared in their scope, they attacked her. She tried to defend herself via pins, but pins did not affect at the demons and did not harm them.
At some point, pin catch the thread protruding from her arm and rope begin to untwine. To her surprise as demon touched the rope, he cried out in agony and disappeared.

Category: Acción y Aventura
Añadido 21 Feb 2016