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If you’ve never heard of “The Lonely Island” here’s a short story: it’s a musical comedy group formed by American comedians Akiva Schaffer , Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg . Its name derives from a small room where they stayed for months, the hotel Lonely Island. The group began its career by creating comedy videos at school, getting a huge success and increasingly expanding its repertoire, featuring music videos always in the form of parodies. The group achieved success by reaching the hands of Lorne Michaels, the Saturday Night Live. Once on the show, the success of their parodies led them to make an album, Incredibad in February 2009 with 15 tracks most of them having a partnership with some famous artist, occupying the top positions of the U.S. charts. The song “Boombox”, for example, has a partnership with the singer of the Strokes, Julian Casablancas, “Dream Girl” features Norah Jones, and “Dick in a Box” contains parts sung by Justin Timberlake. The album also features appearances from T-Pain, Natalie Portman and Jack Black. So, back to the story. ROKK Vodka, imported Swedish vodka from Diageo, have selected The Lonely Island to be responsible for the brand’s consumer engagement, which includes creating digital material to market the brand and help introduce ROKK, the premium priced, freeze filtered vodka. “Most people ask us to just make videos, but Diageo asked us to be Creative Directors, which sounded fancier,” said Lonely Island member and actor, Andy Samberg. “Anyone who’s seen our videos knows we’re fancy guys, so we said yes. And they also gave us a bunch of ROKK Vodka, which we enjoy drinking with our mouths.”
And here it comes – the first video commercial called “The Dream”. It shows a beautiful woman telling her incredible dream, whose protagonists are three guys and a Viking. Nonsense and bizarre (as expected), but worth checking out:

Added on 04 May 2016
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