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Descripción de la animación:

Watch this fun adventure of a fox in this walkthrough video of Fox Simulator game! Fox Simulator is an addictive simulation game that features a big open world with lots of characters you can interact with. This peaceful vista includes rivers, villages, farms, forests, and hills for you to explore. Wild and domestic animals prance around the map, some posing a threat to you while the others act like prey. Foxes are smart and sly creatures and humans are aware of your vulpine traits. In the game, your objective is to get quests from humans and complete them. Upon completion, you will be awarded experience points and money. You can use the money you earn from these quests to customize your fox. You can unlock new fur designs and even give them a more magical look! As you gain experience, you’ll level up and can allocate points to your different stats. As a fox, you have 3 stats. These stats are attack force, energy, and life. Once you reach a certain level in the game you can start a family with another fox. Your family will follow you around and aid you in hunting. You must keep yourself and your family fed. Different kinds of animals, from wolves to sheep, are scattered around the map. Once you kill an animal, you have two options. You can eat the meat to heal yourself or bring the meat home to feed your family and give them experience points.

Añadido 17 Apr 2021