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Russia's Dress Up

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Controles del juego:
  •  Drag and drop items
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Descripción del juego:

He is the tallest of the Allies, as well as the tallest of all the nations (together with Sweden.) In WWII Russia wears a long, heavy tan coat, green pants, brown or black gloves, and a long tan or pink scarf. When not wearing his scarf, he is shown to wear bandages around his neck. He is very pale, and has a round, childish face with a prominent and distinctive nose. His hair is slightly wavy and a pale ashen blond, and his eyes are violet, though they were initially colored blue in early color artwork. Compared to the first drawings Russia's bangs fall to the left as Himaruya found that they looked better that way from the front. His expression is a calm and gentle smile almost all the time. Behind his constant smile, it's said no one knows what he's thinking.

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